Zeppelin’s greatest songs

Delivering a two and a half hour plus set of Zeppelin’s greatest songs, Physical Graffiti have performed hundreds of shows throughout Europe, playing great cities like Berlin, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Amsterdam and all places in between, even spreading their swan song as far as Moscow.

I 20 år har det hollandske/engelske band Physical Graffiti hyldet et af verdens største rockbands, Led Zeppelin.

Physical Graffiti har i løbet af det seneste årti skabt sig et solidt omdømme overalt i Europa, og de fik for alvor vind i sejlene, da forsanger Andrew Elt meldte sig i folden.

Af et hyldestband at være går Physical Graffiti meget op i, at selv den mindste detalje er på plads, så man kommer så tæt på den ægte vare som muligt.

Gruppen har flere gæstet Danmark og nu gentager vi altså succesen med disse dedikerede herrer..

PHYSICAL GRAFFITI has been playing homage to the world's most famous rock band for over twenty years. Based in the Netherlands, the band built up a solid reputation mainly throughout the Dutch and German club scene over the last decade, but it wasn't until singer Andrew Elt was asked to join the ranks as singer in 2010, did the world's greatest rock band get it's ultimate tribute.

With Dutch guitarist Daniel Verberk emulating the very essence of Jimmy Page's guitar sound, using the same amps, guitars and effects, he not only oozes Page's cool, he delivers his nonchalant style of playing so convincingly, you'd think he was being channeled.

Irish native, Dave Harrold, the only original member left, is as quietly convincing as John Paul Jones himself. The heavy grooves and demonic bass lines flow into another dimension, only, on occasion, to be laid to rest for the majestic mandolin.

German born Jan Gabriel...to say he comes close to being the reincarnation of John Bonham might be a slight exaggeration in many people's ears...but wait until you hear and see him attack his Ludwig Vista Lite and Timpani’s during Moby Dick before jumping to conclusions.

English born Andrew Elt holds the microphone, echoing those trademark Plant vocals. Releasing those same classic howls and dynamic high powered vocal lines we know so well from the studio records, Elt lays down the vocal tracks exactly the way Plant echo’s them on vinyl.

Recently complimented by keyboard virtuoso Remco van Zandvoort, using the vintage tools of the trade and authentic sounds of the Fender Rhodes and Hammond organ, the band can now dig even deeper into the majestic oeuvre of Led Zeppelin

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